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SUP Yoga in Jacó
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SUP Yoga in Jacó

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Top Attractions in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a coastal resort located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The local population is small as it stands at only 10,000. Jaco, however, is quite popular among surfers as it offers some of the best surfing conditions in Costa Rica. Its beaches extend for 4 km (2.5 miles). Another advantage is that Jaco is located only 1.5 hours away from San Jose's international airport.

Jaco is among the most developed beach resorts in the country, so finding quality accommodation isn't a problem. The tourists who arrive there are astounded not only by a beautiful beach but also by tropical, green hills surrounding the area. For those seeking water-based activities, fishing, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and sailboat and catamaran rides are easily accessible. There are many options for hire for tourists. 

Costa Rica is a place of natural wonders, and Jaco is a place from more these wonders are easily accessible, and while staying in comfortable conditions.

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  1. NF
    SUP Lesson In Jaco, Costa Rica

    We accidentally booked for the wrong day but ***** was extremely flexible and we were quickly able to call and figure something that could work out. We were all able to learn how to surf well within minutes and got some great photos and videos of us in the meantime!

  2. AJ
    Exceptional Fishing Trip in Jaco, Costa Rica!

    Everyone should book with Andres! He will provide such an unforgettable and fun experience that you will never forget! I wish I could go out on the ocean in style like this every weekend!

  3. CP
    Exceptional Fishing Trip in Jaco, Costa Rica!

    Can only recommend Andres and Diego