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About San Diego

With a pleasantly warm temperature, steady winds, and inviting waters, it is hard to escape the lure of the lively beachside town of San Diego. Although many believe that the welcoming climate is the primary reason why people love this place, boating is easily a worthy contender. From a laidback recreational pursuit to more adventurous races, San Diego is a boating city. This pastime is further nurtured by the 112 kilometers of Pacific Ocean beaches that offer ample playground’ to practice the art of cruising.


What You’ll Catch

Because of its unique marine life and location along the California coast, San Diego is coined as an “Angler’s Paradise.” The marinas are filled with different fishing charters, from sport fishing hire to leisure fishing hire. San Diego Bay is perfect for people experienced or new to fishing which makes it easy to find charters in the San Diego area. During the high seasons, expect to catch fishes like yellowtail, rockfish, bass, yellowfin tuna, and sheephead. Depending on the fishing charter you choose, you have the option to spend a half or full day catching fish.

GetMyBoat customer reviews for Fishing in San Diego.

  1. JB
    Everglades by Dougherty 230DC Fishing Boat in San Diego, California

    I highly recommend Tyler and his boat! Everything was just as listed. I doubt you will find other listings for boats as nice as this one for the price. This is an awesome vessel! Perfect for fishing or cruising. Lots of room, seating, and is well equip for any conditions on the water. Communications with Tyler were perfect. He is friendly, fair, and very responsive and provided great detail. I felt prepared and confident arriving at the boat that things would be as expected. Overall, this was a wonderful experience.

  2. JM
    Everglades by Dougherty 230DC Fishing Boat in San Diego, California

    If you are looking for a nice boat with exceptional owners then this is the boat. Couldn’t of been easier to deal with. The boat is top notch. Thanks to the owners for a great time.

  3. ET
    The Perfect 23' Socal Fishing Boat for Rent in San Diego, California

    5 stars. Great boat & service. Can’t recommend highly enough. Will be back!

  4. GT
    Best of 2019: Party & Watersports Boat for Small Groups 🎉