Boats that appear first in search results get booked more often than boats that appear later, and many boat owners want to know how they can improve their ranking. There are many factors that go into a boat’s ranking on GetMyBoat, and this search ranking is constantly changing. There are, however, many things an owner can do to get their boat to be one of the first in searches.

  1. Response rate: You have 48 hours to respond to a reservation request before it is marked as “lapsed.” You are still able to confirm or decline the request and send a message back, but this lack of timeliness will pull your responsive rate down. This rate signals to renters and guests how quickly, and how often, you respond to messages. When people request boats, they typically want to get something booked as soon as possible. Renters and guests need responses quickly, which is why timeliness and responsiveness are incredibly important.
  2. Reviews: The more great reviews your boat has, the better it will rank in search results. Reviews show other renters and guests what to expect with not only your boat, but your captaining experience, your check-out process, and your responsiveness. GetMyBoat currently has an open reviews platform so if you have past customers who are willing to leave a review, have them sign up to GetMyBoat and help your boat float to the top.
  3. Pricing: As you probably know, watercraft that have lower rates get booked more often than those with higher rates. If you have any wiggle room, try lowering your rates for a couple of weeks and see if you receive more requests.
  4. Quality of listing: You have the power to edit your watercraft at any time, from your computer or the GetMyBoat app. To learn how to do this, check out the GetMyBoat tutorials in the Resource Center. Here are a few things you can edit on your listing to rank first.
    1. Images: Boats that have high-resolution images of both the exterior and interior (if applicable) get requested more often than listings with poor, blurry pictures, or only one image. Make sure to add photos that show your entire boat too, and maybe some of her out on the water.
    2. Headline: Headlines are automatically generated for you using your watercraft type and location, but you can change this manually. Great headlines include your location or nearest body of water, descriptive words like “rent,” “captained charter,” or “cruise.” If you are a fishing captain, make sure to include that in the headline. A great headline would be, “Captained fishing charter on Lake Tahoe,” and an example of a poor headline would be, “Sport Fisherman for Rent in Truckee.”
    3. Watercraft description: This is your chance to describe your boat, your charter options, or your captaining history. Like the headline, the watercraft description automatically generates a sentence, but making it custom and informative will help push your boat to the top.
    4. Specs & features: Fill out as much information about your boat as possible, including the year, make and model, length, and capacity. You can also check various features to better inform renters and guests what your boat and you have to offer.

GetMyBoat’s search ranking is in constant flux as we are continually learning what is most important to renters and guests. However, with the above tips, you can proactively make your boat one of the first seen when people search your area.