Ah, Spring Break time. For some, this means wild parties on long stretches of beach in spots like Daytona or Miami, a family-friendly vacation to Disneyworld, or a luxurious escape to an all-inclusive on the white sand of the Virgin Islands. The problem with these destinations, however, is that most of the people going there have the same idea. Everyone is a tourist from a colder climate, looking to escape frigid temperatures, enjoy the sun, and relax.

This is all well and good, but sometimes, you want a little more culture and adventure from your vacations. These six off-the-beaten "spring break track" will provide you with all the travel stories you could possibly want.

Great Exuma, Bahamas

Recently given a lot of attention due to the Fyre Festival fiasco, this gorgeous destination is home to some of the most picturesque tropical scenery one could possibly imagine. It’s the largest cay within the district of Exuma in the Bahamas and it boasts crystal-clear aquamarine waters, white sandy beaches, and one of the biggest draws of tourists to the Bahamas, swim with the pigs on Pig Beach. If you’re heading off to this spot in the Caribbean, search on GetMyBoat for boat tours, paddlesports, or any other on-water activity you’d like to experience. These locals are so friendly, and the island is quiet and rustic while still being developed and easy to travel to. Another great location to visit in the Bahamas is Nassau, which has just as much to offer as the Exumas.

Pig Beach.jpg


This tiny island settlement in the Caribbean was wiped out in the 1980s due to a volcanic eruption, which destroyed much of the developed villages and drastically reduced the tourist activity on the island. It has been slowly regaining popularity as a tropical destination, despite many spots on the island being uninhabitable. It’s a quiet spot that most of your friends probably haven’t heard of, making it far more unique than Caribbean hotspots like the Dominican Republic. Go scuba diving, snorkeling, or explore by kayak when traveling through Montserrat.



These Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic are an incredible destination to visit during Spring Break. Some of the best things you can do while visiting any of the nine islands include whale watching, sailing adventures, and jet ski rentals. They have resident species of whales and dolphins you can see year-round, and during migration periods, if you're lucky, you might spot a fin whale or the mighty blue whale! The Azores is an amazing destination because it provides a taste of the island life mixed with European charm preserved in its Portuguese culture.


Trinidad & Tobago

Due to the development of this pair of islands relative to the rest of the Caribbean, tourism is NOT a primary industry, making it a unique spot to visit than the oversaturated all-inclusive spots like Saint Martin and Jamaica. Here, you have unspoiled beauty and distinct local culture, because the inhabitants aren’t just workers for the never-ending stream of tourists. While you’re here, venture off from shore on a private boat rental or a wildlife tour. Try watersports like windsurfing, jet ski rentals,  and kiteboarding - you can learn the craft from a local expert. Fishing charters are also an excellent pick here - there's a lot of big game and reef fishing options available. 

Trinidad + Tobago.jpeg

Canary Islands

This archipelago owned by Spain, off the coast of Morocco, is an excellent choice for a visit during the Spring Break season. There are lots of celebrations in Spanish communities for Semana Santa (Holy Week), so if your spring break falls around the Easter holiday, you’re in for a treat with parades and processions in addition to the other activities on the islands. They offer a bit of everything - the volcanic composition makes for great hiking, the native pods of whales and dolphins are always around to see on a wildlife excursion, there’s sailing trips and diving available - as well as adventures in some pristine forests. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the largest of the islands and have more to offer in terms of nightlife and cities, but for nature lovers who want a quiet escape, other spots like El Hierro, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura are perfect.

Panama City, Panama

Not to be confused with the wild and cliche Panama City Beach (PCB) on Florida’s panhandle, Panama City is the most vibrant capital city of all of Central America. It’s an excellent destination for travelers who love exploring cities and want a multicultural taste during their vacations. It’s not for people who only want to lay out on the beach and tan for days on end. There are too many sights to see and things to explore. Getting out on the water is easy enough on this coastal city, with epic adventures like fishing charters, rafting trips, and surfing. One of the best things to do during a trip to Panama City is to sail to the San Blas islands - which is a popular choice for travelers heading from Panama City en route to Cartagena, Colombia

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Wherever you decide to go for Spring Break or on vacation at any time this year, make sure you check out GetMyBoat's awesome boat listings in your destination! With 130,000 options spread across 9,300 cities in 184 countries, we hope we can help you find and book the perfect adventure to complete your trip. Start searching today!