Photos are one of the major factors in deciding to rent a boat online. To help yourself stand out from the crowd, it is critical to not only post photos of your boat with your listing, but also ensure the photos you upload are well thought out.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! To help you get the most rentals possible, we have created these simple guidelines to help you publish the most effective photos of your boat.

Clean Your Boat  

Renters are more willing to rent out a watercraft that is well kept. It is advised that you clean your craft before it goes through a full photo shoot. Ever notice how car dealerships wash their cars every morning? This practice makes quite an impression and actually helps sell cars. The same process applies here, so show off how clean and beautiful your boat is in the photos you take.

A Great Cover Photo 

The first image displayed in your GetMyBoat listing should be one that shows off the entire watercraft. This full craft photo should also be one of the best photos in the set. This photo should entice users to click into your listing from the search results.

Upload the Right Image Size 

When uploading photos to GetMyBoat, the size of the image uploaded will affect the quality of the uploaded photo. The size of the display photos in the image carousel are 400 pixels by 300 pixels or 5.33 inches by 4 inches. Any images smaller than this will be stretched to fit the image carousel and will result in a poor quality photo. Landscape photos will display better in the carousel, but you can always crop the photo if you want to use a portrait photo.


To aid users in displaying the right area of the uploaded photos, GetMyBoat allows the ability to crop the photos on upload. You should make sure to crop the photo to highlight as much of your boat as possible and remove any distractions. If the portion you are cropping is too small, your image will be pixelated or blurry. In this case, you should just upload a photo where the cropping area is not so small.

Ample Lighting 

When taking photos of your watercraft make sure there is ample lighting. Dark photos and heavy shadows do not do your watercraft justice, so make sure to shoot photos in the best light possible.

Focus on Your Watercraft 

Make sure that the watercraft is in focus. You cannot show off your watercraft if the renter cannot see what it has to offer.

Simple Angles 

The purpose of adding photos to your listing is to show the boat to the potential renters. It can be tempting to take photos with extreme or artistic angles but doing so will not display your boat in a comprehensible way. When in doubt, keep the photos simple.

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Boat

Now that you know how to get the most out of your watercraft photos, go ahead and list your boat for rent on GetMyBoat or update the photos you already have uploaded.