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About Wellington

As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington is a destination of immense cultural and economic significance to the country. Situated at the southwestern end of the North Island, this seaside city is known as “Windy Wellington” due to the strong winter winds that whip through Cook Strait — making for exciting conditions for seasoned sailors. If you prefer easier weather (but wish to avoid summer’s tourist season), then arrange your visit for spring or autumn.


Boating in Wellington

The picturesque working harbor and sandy beaches of Wellington make it an attractive vacation spot for travelers of all ages with a variety of interests, but boaters and water-lovers will find this city and its features particularly charming. When you are not wandering the beaches, you can book a leisurely sailing charter, fly fishing trip, or sea kayaking excursion — all of which will allow you to view the city and its gorgeous surroundings from a unique vantage point. While you are out on the water, be sure to keep a weather-eye out for the delightful fur seals that are native to the area.

If more thrilling escapades are more your speed, there are plenty of water adventure opportunities in Wellington to get your adrenaline pumping. Jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are particularly popular, and there are plenty of local establishments that specialize in providing those varieties of hire equipment. If you dare to delve beneath the scenic surface of Wellington’s waters, then you can book a diving expedition that will certainly leave you with travel memories you will not soon forget.